3 Common HVAC Problems in Older Homes
Did you know that HVAC problems are more common in older homes? The area’s premier HVAC maintenance company discusses some of these issues here.
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3 Common HVAC Problems in Older Homes

3 Common HVAC Problems in Older Homes

15:54 08 September in HVAC

1. Leaky ducts. Your home maintains a consistent, comfortable indoor environment when conditioned air is distributed evenly via the duct system. However, leaks can develop when the seals around the joints and elbows begin to fail. Cold or hot air can escape through these gaps in the ductwork, blowing in behind your walls and ceilings instead of being circulated through your living space. This, in turn, can cause significant energy loss.

If you suspect there’s a leak in your ductwork, call your reliable HVAC maintenance and repair company, Armored Heating & Cooling Inc., for a detailed inspection. Our trained, experienced technicians will determine your ductwork’s overall condition and seal any leaks it might have.

2. Poor airflow. Dust, dirt and debris buildup within the the duct system can hamper proper air distribution. You’ll immediately know this is a problem if you see a thick layer of grime around the opening of your ducts. A premier HVAC company like Armored Heating & Cooling Inc. can take care of this for you. We’ll clear out any blockage in your ductwork to ensure proper airflow and improve your older home’s indoor air quality.

3. Lack of zoning. Some older homes use a single, often outdated thermostat to control the temperature of all of its rooms and stories. While this ensures a consistent temperature for each space, it also leads to considerable energy consumption because your HVAC system will be heating or cooling the rooms you don’t use as often. You can consult Armored Heating & Cooling Inc. about whether a zoned HVAC system will be a good fit for your home. This gives you the option of controlling your home’s thermal settings and energy usage in order to meet your specific needs.

Keep your older home comfortable and efficient all-year-round with high-quality HVAC solutions offered by Armored Heating & Cooling Inc. We proudly serve the areas in and around Franklin, Greenwood, and Indianapolis, IN. Call us today at (317) 893-3093 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.