4 Times You Should Call Your Local HVAC Technician
Is it time to call your local HVAC tech? The premier AC repair company in the area, Armored Heating and Cooling Inc. shares how you can tell.
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4 Times You Should Call Your Local HVAC Technician

4 Times You Should Call Your Local HVAC Technician

15:51 01 September in HVAC

There are simple tasks a homeowner can do to keep their heating and There are simple tasks a homeowner can undertake to keep their heating and cooling system in good shape, though complicated procedures that require precision and experience will make a call to your local HVAC technician necessary. But how exactly will you know when it’s time to bring in an expert? Armored Heating and Cooling Inc., the premier air conditioning and heating installation company in the area, shares more here.

1. Odd smells. If you notice a sharp, metallic or slightly burnt odor coming from the air vents, the wiring might be fried, This is a serious problem, so call your HVAC technician immediately. In the case of a musty smell, it’s likely you have mold growing inside your duct system. Given how mold is a huge health risk, you may want to turn off your AC until an expert has checked it out and resolved the problem. 

2. Poor airflow. Ifall your windows are shut and you’ve already replaced the air filter but for some reason the vents aren’t distributing cold air, there are many possible reasons for this. One could be leaky or clogged ductwork. Dealing with this isn’t something you can do yourself, however. To ensure proper airflow and prevent unnecessary strain on your HVAC system, turn to your local AC repair company for the appropriate solution to this issue.

3. Loud, unusual noises. Any banging, buzzing or clanging sounds coming from your HVAC system aren’t a good sign. These noises can mean that the unit has a loose connection or that there are foreign objects interfering with the blower fan. Schedule an appointment with a dependable local HVAC expert should you hear noises coming from your heating or cooling system.

4. High energy costs. Did you know that your HVAC system consumes the largest amount of energy in your home? If you notice your monthly bills have become higher than expected for the season, have your trusted furnace repair company check the system thoroughly, as there might be issues that are causing significant energy loss.

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