Cutting Your Building’s Energy Spending Through HVAC Practices
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Cutting Your Building’s Energy Spending Through HVAC Practices

Cutting Your Building’s Energy Spending Through HVAC Practices

15:10 16 September in HVAC

You probably already know that your heating and cooling system makes up a considerable amount of your building’s energy usage–as much as 60 percent, according to experts, in fact. We understand you want the occupants of your commercial property to be comfortable no matter the season, but you should still take energy efficiency into account. Fortunately, comfort and energy efficiency aren’t mutually exclusive. There are some simple ways to ensure a consistent indoor environment while cutting your building’s energy spending. Armored Heating and Cooling Inc., the premier air conditioning and heating installation company in the area, shares some HVAC best practices you should take into account here.

Consider retrofitting. If you want to get the most out of your commercial HVAC system’s life and performance, a retrofit might be a good idea, but not every HVAC unit is a viable candidate for this method. Retrofitting requires large, fairly new, well-maintained and energy-intensive systems that see constant use for it to work. What’s more, you have to make sure the replacement components you’re using or adding are manufacturer-approved. 

When done properly by a reliable HVAC technician, a retrofit can buy you time before needing a new air conditioning and heating installation. This can also improve your building’s thermal comfort and efficiency. Depending on the area and energy company, you might even be eligible for a rebate. Some methods of retrofitting include replacing the compressor or adding condenser fan controls or demand-controlled ventilation.

Invest in smart programmable controls and thermostats. Everyone has those days when they forget to turn down the thermostat when everybody leaves the office. This seemingly minor mistake can raise your monthly bills when overlooked. To prevent energy waste, you should consider investing in smart thermostats to increase energy efficiency while tailoring the indoor temperature to your building’s needs and schedule. Armored Heating and Cooling Inc. can help you with this.

We’re not just a trusted AC repair expert–you can also count on us for effective thermal control solutions. Armored Heating and Cooling Inc. offers a wide selection of high-quality Wi-Fi thermostats from top brand Carrier®. One of our best options is the Black Infinity® System Control, which is 7-day programmable thermostat with a Touch-N-Go® feature that includes advanced energy tracking so you get a clearer picture of your energy consumption. It also comes with occupancy sensing to automatically choose a comfort or energy-saving system. Other excellent features include humidity and ventilation control, auto changeover between heating and cooling and clean filter reminders so your building can maintain good indoor air quality.

Energy audits matter. A commercial energy audit determines the most effective, cost-efficient way to reduce energy consumption in a building. It breaks down where, how and when electricity is used. Its cost is affected by a number of factors, such as the size and type of building, the scope of the energy assessment and the extent of available documentation. You can get started by gathering and examining energy bills for the last two or three years. Perhaps there’s energy loss that can’t be explained by the changing seasons, or maybe there are recurring problems that hamper the energy-saving performance of your HVAC system. With a proper energy assessment, you’ll be able to easily spot and address issues with your building’s energy spending.

Don’t forget about proper insulation. Conditioned air typically escapes buildings with poor insulation, which means higher energy costs are almost always guaranteed. That’s why you’ll want to have your commercial property evaluated for possible insulation issues. You need to deal with this promptly to ensure heating and cooling energy remains trapped inside. Armored Heating and Cooling Inc., the top furnace repair expert in the area, suggests a several ways to make this possible:

  • Consider adding insulation to walls and windows.
  • Choose doors that keep an airtight, durable seal when closed.
  • Make sure pipes and ducts don’t have holes or seam gaps where energy can leak out. Armored Heating and Cooling Inc. can perform a comprehensive inspection of your building’s ductwork and seal any leaks we find.

Head off further problems with prompt HVAC repairs. Are there loud banging, clanking or buzzing noises coming from your commercial HVAC system? Have you noticed a musty or metallic smell emanating from the air vents? If you think these signs point to trouble, then you’re absolutely right. Any damage or performance issues with your commercial HVAC system should be dealt with immediately, not only because they lead to energy waste, but because they can cause a complete system failure. As soon as you notice any of these signs, call a dependable heater and AC repair company like Armored Heating and Cooling Inc. Our professionally-trained technicians are available 24/7 to provide the repairs you need so your HVAC system can continue delivering the superior, energy-efficient performance you’ve come to expect.

Maintain proper airflow. Dust, leaves and debris will accumulate inside the vents and ducts of your commercial HVAC system over time. These blockages can hinder the way the system distributes conditioned air throughout your building. In addition to compromising indoor temperatures and increasing energy consumption, they also put an unnecessary strain on your HVAC unit. This, in turn, allows for serious damage that can shorten its service life. To preserve airflow and keep your energy costs to a minimum, make sure to keep your ductwork and vents clear of any debris buildup. You should also move any furniture or other objects that are blocking them.

Make sure you have a scheduled HVAC maintenance program in place. Regular maintenance will help head off any HVAC problems and ensure its smooth performance–all while maximizing energy efficiency. If you need a comprehensive annual HVAC maintenance plan for your building, you only have to call Armored Heating and Cooling Inc. Let our skilled and trained and skilled team check your commercial HVAC unit for possible issues. Should we discover any, we can recommend the appropriate fix to keep your system running efficiently and extend its service life.

Have a newer, better, more energy-efficient HVAC system installed. No amount of repairs or maintenance can save an old, failing commercial HVAC system. Make sure your building has proper heating and cooling by turning to Armored Heating and Cooling Inc. In addition to furnace repair, we can also work on your complete HVAC replacement. We’d be more than happy to help you explore your options so you can decide on the unit that best suits your building. With our vast industry experience, we can also ensure that your new commercial HVAC system is installed to strict safety and quality specifications.

Look no further than Armored Heating and Cooling Inc. for your commercial HVAC needs. We’ll keep your building comfortable and efficient with our top-tier solutions. We proudly serve the areas in and around Franklin, Greenwood, and Indianapolis, IN. Call us today at (317) 890-1566 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.