How to Improve Customer Service in an HVAC Business
An AC repair expert discusses how to improve customer service in an HVAC business.
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How to Improve Customer Service in an HVAC Business

How to Improve Customer Service in an HVAC Business

16:03 01 October in HVAC

A true HVAC professional understands that a heating and cooling system is a valuable asset in many residential homes. Customers are expected to return every now and then for regular maintenance and necessary repairs to ensure that their equipment is running at optimal efficiency. It’s good practice to continually improve customer service so clients will trust the business.

In this article, a reputable heating installation contractor shares some steps to better customer experience with HVAC businesses. 

Respect the Time of Customers

For HVAC operators, the ability to effectively manage a calendar can make or break the relationship of the company with customers. A reliable operator with good time management knows the location of their staff and how long a service will take to finish — information that requires close to real-time communication between the main office and technicians. In turn, the operator can provide customers with an accurate estimate of when a serviceperson will arrive.

Look Sharp & Organized

It’s customary to accept an HVAC customer service call. However, it can have as much potential impact as any sales pitch. It’s important that technicians look sharp and professional even during an emergency heater or AC repair. Wearing a worn-out shirt and inappropriate shoes surely  won’t give customers a positive impression..

Explain the Work to Customers

Most residential customers aren’t familiar with technical terms such as load calculation and condenser coil. It’s extremely helpful to a regular homeowner if the technician knows how to break down the scope of the work that’s being performed using layman’s terms. This lessens the chance of miscommunication and the risks associated with it.

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