How to Stay Warm in the Winter Even if the Power’s Out
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How to Stay Warm in the Winter Even if the Power’s Out

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How to Stay Warm in the Winter Even if the Power’s Out

09:25 11 December in HVAC

When a bad snowstorm plows through your area and the power goes out, this can be problematic if you rely on your heating system to keep indoor temperatures warm at home. You’ll need to prepare yourself when this happens so that you and your family will be able stay warm should a snowstorm ever knock out the power in your area. Heater and air conditioner replacement contractor Armored Heating and Cooling Inc. explains what you need to know here:

Before the Storm Hits

As much as possible, prepare the essentials needed to wait out a snowstorm in case you lose power in your area. This means getting a generator, stocking up on water (and firewood if you have a wood-burning stove or fireplace) and keeping a propane heater ready for use.

When a winter storm is about to hit your area, you’ll need to prevent as much heat loss as you can. Check your windows and doors to make sure they’re airtight, and go outside only when you need to. This is because cold air can easily rush inside as soon as one of your windows or doors is opened, causing you to lose around five to 10 degrees in heat.

You also need to ensure you don’t have any drafts inside your house, so make sure to place a rolled-up towel at the bottom of each exterior door or drafty window to keep heat in and cold out. We recommend hanging blankets over windows and doorways as well to block out the cold air.

When You Lose Power

When your power goes out, we recommend living and sleeping in a single room to help conserve heat. Make sure to select a room that stays warmer than the rest of your house, such as your living room. We also recommend hanging blankets over the windows and doors, as these will act as an insulating layer to keep the room warm. You can even use duct tape to properly seal the blankets over the windows. Bubble wrap or fiberglass insulation will help as well, and you can use them to cover your windows.

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