The Best Ways to Improve Your Air Conditioning Unit’s Efficiency
In today’s post, the premier heating installation company, Armored Heating and Cooling Inc. shares HVAC best practices that reduce energy spend.
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The Best Ways to Improve Your Air Conditioning Unit’s Efficiency

The Best Ways to Improve Your Air Conditioning Unit’s Efficiency

The Best Ways to Improve Your Air Conditioning Unit’s Efficiency

04:01 15 September in HVAC

Heating and cooling comprises a huge chunk of your yearly utility expenses, according to the Department of Energy. It’s a good thing there are a number of measures you can take to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning equipment without spending a fortune. Armored Heating & Cooling discusses each one of them below.

Cover Your Windows

One of the best ways you can enhance your HVAC system’s efficiency is by closing  your curtains or blinds to reduce the amount of heat entering your home through the windows. In so doing, your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to ensure indoor comfort. Do this whenever you leave your bedroom or other rooms in your home that aren’t currently being used.

Provide a Shade for Your Outdoor Unit

The heat of summer can be unbearable for many people. It can  also be bad  for equipment located  outside, including your HVAC system’s outdoor unit. To prevent it from wearing down prematurely, HVAC maintenance experts recommend putting a shade over it. You can use just about anything for this, from an awning to a patio umbrella. Just make sure that the shade doesn’t obstruct airflow.

Close Windows & Doors

The conditioned air blowing from your AC unit will  escape through open windows and doors. This can lead to serious inefficiencies when it comes to indoor comfort, not to mention wasted energy that will immediately be reflected on your next monthly bill. Be sure to turn the AC off if you want to air out your living space.

Keep Vents Clean

Clean vents ensure good airflow, which then helps improve HVAC efficiency. However, their location in your home makes them easy to ignore. Make sure you regularly check and clean them of any dust, hair or other small debris. See to it that they’re not blocked by any objects, including furniture. Otherwise, airflow may be impeded.

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