Why You Should Sign Up for an HVAC Maintenance Plan
A heating installation contractor shares the key advantages of joining an HVAC maintenance plan.
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Why You Should Sign Up for an HVAC Maintenance Plan

Why You Should Sign Up for an HVAC Maintenance Plan

16:10 15 October in HVAC

A cool, comfortable interior is a safeguard for homes and businesses. A good heating, ventilation and air conditioning system helps maintain an ideal temperature inside the building by regulating humidity and ensuring that moisture content in the air is under control. After all, everybody wants to experience pleasant conditions when quietly relaxing on the couch in their living room or eating an appetizing meal in a restaurant downtown.

The simple truth is that all heating and cooling systems decline with regular use, necessitating a call for an AC or furnace repair every now and then. Fortunately, signing up for an HVAC maintenance plan helps keep your essential units performing safely and efficiently all-year-round. Keep in mind that actively protecting your investment for as long as you can is a crucial endeavour. 

What Does a Typical HVAC Maintenance Program Include?

The details of maintenance plans vary depending on the contractor, but all of them revolve around the goal of providing service for your equipment on a semiannual basis. Most plans include a contractual agreement that entails two separate visits–one in the spring and the other in the fall–preparing you for the much hotter weather of summer and the bitter-cold, freezing conditions of winter. Part of the purpose of an initial consultation is to establish the current capacity, configuration and operating status of your system.

  • Equipment Survey — First off, technicians will inspect your equipment and document its age, repair history and the current condition of the unit. A power and fuel consumption analysis that reveals repair expenses can help determine the true operating cost of the heating or cooling device.
  • Home Survey — Furnace and AC repair technicians will also inspect your windows, doors, insulation and the building envelope because these features have a substantial impact on the comfort and energy efficiency of your property. They’ll identify structural deficits that contribute to the inflation of utility bills and offer effective solutions to improve the performance of equipment and save on long-term finances.
  • Recommendations — After a careful evaluation of the data, technicians will present you with a list of expert recommendations that are ultimately designed to maximize the efficiency of your equipment and minimize repair, maintenance and power consumption costs.

The Benefits of an HVAC Maintenance Plan

An HVAC maintenance agreement can provide you with a lot of advantages. It’s one of the best investments a home or business owner can make in order to protect their furnace and air conditioner. In fact, a standard furnace unit is expected to last for approximately 15 to 20 years with seasonal maintenance, while a standard air conditioner can last for about 14 years under the same maintenance conditions. Here are some highly beneficial reasons you should invest in an HVAC maintenance plan.

Improved system efficiency and performance. A heating or cooling system that’s tuned up twice a year performs significantly better and is more energy efficient than a system that doesn’t undergo stringent maintenance procedures. According to a reputable heating installation contractor, a common example to put this into perspective is a dirty air filter restricting airflow. Your equipment will compensate for the reduced productivity by consuming more energy in order to produce the same amount of cooling. This increases the demand from your air conditioning system and eventually causes a spike in your monthly electric bills. 

A technician will perform a diagnostic test during the routine HVAC maintenance visit. This generally includes the following procedures:

  • Checking the thermostat, including responsiveness and how the system works in different settings;
  • Inspecting all electrical connections and measuring amperage and voltage;
  • Testing the pilot light and calibrating pressure in the fuel line;
  • Cleaning and lubricating all moving parts in a component as needed;
  • Examining the condensate drain and clearing any blockages or clogs;
  • Testing the start and shutdown cycles for proper function;
  • Measuring the temperature drop across the evaporator coil;
  • Inspecting the vent pipe and confirming the exhaust pathway; and
  • Identifying any potential mechanical issues or repair needs.

Reduced utility and repair costs. A critical part of the maintenance service requires the technician to calibrate the system back to the original performance specifications of the manufacturer. A heating or cooling unit that’s operating at optimal capacity will cycle less frequently while providing the same level of comfort and indoor air quality. This will help save energy and reduce utility bills.

An HVAC maintenance plan can also lower potential AC and furnace repair costs. The technician will identify worn-out parts and detect small, hidden issues before they can cause an unexpected service interruption. In general, heater and AC repairs are frustrating, high-cost expenditures, particularly when the temperature disruption is severe and most contractors in your local area have a full workload.

Longer equipment life. An HVAC unit that’s routinely serviced by professionals accumulates fewer runtime hours as compared to equipment that’s been neglected since the installation. Components that are extremely filthy, clogged and suffering from drastic wear and tear are compelled to work longer and harder to meet the basic indoor load requirements. A sound preventative maintenance plan will help reduce stress on the belts, motors and other moving pieces of the equipment. This can extend the useful service life of your system for years to come.

Better indoor comfort. Ask any heating installation technician and they’ll tell you that issues with the performance of your equipment have a significant impact on indoor comfort. For instance, low refrigerant, short cycling, dirty coils and other ignition complications can decrease humidity control and lower the capacity of the unit. It’s important to observe efficient and timely maintenance services in order to restore reduced performance as well as create a more comfortable indoor environment.

A convenient schedule. A more convenient time with planning and scheduling is one of the principal advantages of signing up for a semi-annual maintenance plan. This means it’s possible for you to skip all the preliminary steps and effectively keep your system up-to-date at the same time. 

A part of this convenience comes from the company remembering to schedule tune-ups for you. A reliable contractor will strive to diminish the hassles of picking up the phone and waiting on the line to get an available opening. They’ll call in advance in order to find and confirm an opportune date that works with your schedule, and then arrive on the dot to avoid wasting your valuable time.

In addition, you can easily contact your technicians in case you need an immediate furnace or AC repair between maintenance appointments, whether in the daytime or at night.

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