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How to Childproof Your HVAC Registers

08:19 10 July in HVAC system

Kids are naturally curious, so parents need to take steps to ensure their little fingers and other body parts don’t get stuck in floor vents or get cut as they try to lift registers with sharp edges. Armored Heating and Cooling Inc., your trusted HVAC...

Different Types of Air Conditioners

Comparing Different Types of Air Conditioners

09:00 17 June in HVAC system

Air conditioning is more than a luxury. For homeowners who live in areas that experience long, warm summers, it's a necessity. Cooling not only keeps families comfortable during such periods, but also provides a safe refuge indoors whenever the outdoor temperatures rise. If you want the...

NATE Certification

Why Is NATE Certification Important?

09:10 10 June in HVAC system

Whether you're planning to purchase a new HVAC system or are just having heating and cooling issues, working with a reliable technician is always a smart idea. If you've been browsing contractors online, you may have come across the word “NATE-certified.” But what does it...

Home Cooling

3 Quick Facts About Home Cooling

09:06 03 June in HVAC system

Most of us don’t think much about air conditioners because of how ubiquitous they are. However, there was a time in history when an AC system was considered a big deal, so much so that they were worthy of being printed about in the newspapers. Armored...