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Furnace Installation in Greenwood

Need a furnace installation? Winter in the midwest can be tough, which is why Armored Heating and Cooling Inc offers the best furnaces to our clients in the greater Indianapolis area. With so many options for furnace installation in Indianapolis, Indiana, why would you choose Armored Heating and Cooling Inc? Here’s what makes our furnaces better than the rest.


  • RELIABLE: Our furnaces feature advanced igniters and burners for better reliability.
  • SAFE: Our furnaces have temperature limit control, reliable gas valves and technology that prevents fires.
  • QUIET: Our furnaces have insulated cabinets and a tight-fit door for quieter operation.
  • EFFICIENT: Our furnaces have blower moters that are more efficient than other brands.
  • COMPLETE CONTROL: Your electronic monitor allows for quick operation and easy diagnostics.
  • WARRANTIES: Your furnace has a limited warranty that will keep your product running smoothly.
  • NO HASSLE REPLACEMENT: If your heat exchanger fails, we will replace the unit in the first year.

Complete Furnace Installation, Maintenance and Repairs in Indianapolis

We will find the right furnace just for you, but once we have taken care of your furnace installation, we can offer you support that will ensure the longevity of your system. After all, a furnace that is well cared for can last for two decades.

Once your furnace installation is complete, we recommend an annual inspection. We will help make sure that your furnace is operating as smoothly as possible and that your family is breathing fresh, clean air. At Armored Heating and Cooling Inc, our main goal is to make our customers as happy as possible with their furnace installation. We want your home to be as comfortable as possible for the people you love, and we will go the extra mile to make sure your furnace installation leaves you 100% satisfied.  If you’d like to learn more about furnace installation, furnace maintenance or furnace repairs, please feel free to contact us with questions.   If you are thinking about installing a new furnace, but would like to think about replacing other elements of your HVAC system as well, Armored Heating and Cooling Inc can help we offer complete HVAC services to the greater Indianapolis area and all of Central Indiana.

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Installing a Carrier Furnace

Armored Heating and Cooling Inc set out to provide the best HVAC products for our clients in Central Indiana. That’s why we chose to provide products by Carrier. Between their 10-20 year warranties and their quality constrution, we know you wil have plenty of reasons to install a Carrier furnace.


Carrier’s furnaces are highly efficient with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of 80%. If you are looking for a furnace that will save on your energy bill, Armored Heating and Cooling Inc can help.


If you are ready to think about what type of furnace you would like to install, you can browse our list of products to the right. Whether you are ready to decide or you still aren’t sure, please feel free to contact us to ask questions or get a free quote. Not sure what kind of furnace you’d like to install? We are happy to answer your questions.

Why Armored Heating & Cooling is the best company for your furnace installation:

Furnace Installation

+  Up front pricing  with no hidden charges

+  System sizing compatibility

+  Professionally trained installers & technicians

+  24-Hour emergency service

+  Sales, service & installation

+ Residential or commercial services

+  Fully accredited by NATE

+  Services in Central Indiana & all over the state

+  Financing Available with approved credit

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